A case packer, or, as it is also known, a packaging system, is a machine that is often used in a lot of sectors. A case packer can pack products that are already packed in, for example, sachets or boxes into bigger packages, as containers or crates. A case packer does this in a very fast and efficient way. Although there are of course downsides to automation, the improvement in speed and efficiency is important and a valuable advantage. Because of this speed and efficiency, a case packer can save your company a lot of time and money. By investing in a case packer, or in several case packers, your company is likely to become more efficient and profitable in the long term. It is absolutely wise to do research into a case packer, into the different possibilities, and into a suitable and reliable company that sells such a machine. Sedos is such a company. On its website, , you can find more elaborate information about case packers. In the following we will, in short, give you some information about the company Sedos. Of course, more elaborate information is available on their website. Later, we will also inform you about how to contact Sedos if you have a question or remark.

What is a case packer?

A case packer from Sedos

Via Sedos you can buy a lot of different machines, including a case packer. Sedos is a company with elaborate experience with this sort of machines. They also can help you with a lot of different services they provide, for examples giving trainings in how to handle the machines or giving advice on which machines to purchase. Next to this, Sedos can repair your machine when it is broken or in case of a malfunction. They have a lot of experience and have been participating in the packaging industry for a significant amount of years. They have been active in the industry from the 1940s onwards. Because of this, the company witnessed developments and improvements in the industry. This experience enables them to give qualitatively sound and reliable advice about the case packer you need and makes their other services of high quality as well. Furthermore, it ensures the company has more than sufficient knowledge to judge which machines are best for you and your company. Sedos can supply its customers with different sorts of case packer. One can imagine that different areas of the industry require different kinds of packaging machines. The different markets for which Sedos makes and provides products are:

  • Food manufacturing: this is a very broad category. In general it entails machines with the help of which you can easily, quickly, and efficiently pack food. Specific examples of machinery are a meat processing machine or a case packer.
  • Animal feed: as the name of the category already indicates, this entails animal food processing and packaging. Sedos can help you with a lot of different kinds of pet food, for example wet food and dry food, and different kinds of packaging, for example flat bottom packs and can filling.
  • Pharmaceutical: this category is about the packaging of medical products. Again, in this category Sedos also supplies a lot of different possibilities. There are of course a lot of different medicines: there for example are tablets and powders, but also syrups and liquids. Sedos can provide your company with the appropriate case packer for the medicines you manufacture.
  • Non-food: this is the fourth and last category. It includes the packaging of all sorts of non-food products. A lot of these products should be packed in for example plastic of carton and Sedos has the appropriate case packer that can execute this efficiently.

More information about the company can of course be found on the abovementioned website. There you can find elaborate information about Sedos, about the products they can provide you with and about the services they offer. Hereunder, we will give information about the different ways in which you can contact Sedos. Do you want to order a case packer? Visit our website.

How can I contact them?

On the website you can find a lot of information about the machinery Sedos can provide you with, about the services they have to offer and about the company and its history. However, it is possible you have a question or remark after reading the information, or you would rather speak to someone instead of reading the website. If you have a question or remark, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you go to the abovementioned website, you can click on the button that says ‘Get in touch with us’. You can also click on ‘Contact’, in the upper right of your screen. Both steps will bring you to the page on which you find ways of contacting Sedos. You will find the contact details of the office in the Netherlands on top of the page, because the main office is based in the Netherlands. As you can see, you can either contact the company by postal mail, by phone, by email, or by fax. Below the contact details of the Dutch office, you can find contact details for offices in other countries. If you scroll down the page you will find a contact form where you can also leave your questions or remarks. We are looking forward to hearing from you.