9 Reasons to Eat Honey Daily for Your Health Benefits.

The possible health benefits of honey have been documented in Greek, Roman, Vedic and Islamic texts. Philosophers and scientists referred to their healing qualities since ancient times, such as Aristotle (384-322 BC) and Aristoxen (320 BC) «. Joseph Nordqvist, Medical News Daily. For something that tastes so good, honey is not consumed very often. In addition to being delicious, honey is also densely packed with valuable nutrients. Honey is also very healthy: a tablespoon of unadulterated raw honey contains 64 calories and is free of cholesterol, fat and sodium. Pure Greens
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The ideal nutritional composition of honey almost certainly helps to sweeten with its beneficial health properties. Here, we will discuss nine of the health benefits of this sweet nectar.

Nine Amazing Honey Benefits for Health:

1. Relief Allergies:

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that many believe may help reduce allergic reactions. Honey itself contains traces of pollen that can initiate an immune response when exposed to it. Over time, the body will produce enough antibodies against pollen, which causes the body to release less histamine. Consequently, the body will show a more limited immune response.

2. Delete The Tos:

The viscous texture of honey causes a kind of mantle to accumulate around the throat area. This coating can help with throat irritation that is often experienced during a coughing episode. 

“Honey also stimulates the nerve endings of the throat, which serves as a protective mechanism when coughing”.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published an exhaustive study on the properties of honey to suppress cough. Using three different varieties of honey – citrus, eucalyptus and labiata – the researchers administered a dose of 10 grams to 300 children aged 1 to 5 years. According to the study, “there was a significant improvement from the night before treatment until the night of treatment.”

3. Naturally Favored Dream:

Honey can be beneficial for a sleepless night. The consumption of honey causes an increase in serotonin and insulin levels, while the body systematically converts them into melatonin, a compound that promotes and regulates sleep. Consequently, honey consumption improves both the duration and the quality of sleep.

4. Treat Burns and Wounds:

It is surprising to many to know that honey is a natural antibiotic. From a medical point of view, antibiotic uses for honey encompass a multitude of internal and external uses. It is a natural disinfectant against many bacteria, which makes it a powerful agent against wounds and sores. In a study published by the British Journal of Medicine, honey was applied to 59 patients who had not been cured using traditional medicine. Surprisingly, 58 of the 59 patients showed a “noticeable improvement” after the application of honey in the wound.

5. Improve Memory:

Oxidation of the brain can cause structural damage and cognitive impairment. Honey products help in this regard, since the substance contains high levels of antioxidants that can reverse this adverse effect. Honey also helps absorb calcium – a vital nutrient for brain nutrition. It is believed that these two honey mechanisms can help cognition, including memory.

6. Provides Energy:

 Honey can also provide a much needed peak of energy. This all-natural sweetener contains fructose and glucose, which can quickly enter the bloodstream and produce an explosion of energy. Even those looking to gain muscle mass can benefit from the unique energy properties of honey. Honey, which can actually help you accumulate volume through the release of the growth factor of insulin-1 life (IGF-1).

7. Treat Dandruff:

As already mentioned,  honey is a powerful natural healer for the skin. In a study published by the US National Library of Medicine, patients who applied diluted honey in the peeling areas of the scalp three hours before rinsing “responded markedly with the application.” In the same study, itchy scalp disappeared within a week; the skin lesions in two weeks, and some patients even showed “subjective improvement in hair loss “.

8. Help the Acid Reflux:

According to RefluxMD, honey supposedly reduces the symptoms of acid reflux. Honey covers the lining of the esophagus, which can lead to relieving irritation. It is also believed that honey consumption counteracts any internal damage caused by acid reflux. In addition, high concentrations of enzymes in honey help digestion, which can help prevent the appearance of acid reflux.

9. Strengthen the Intestine:

Honey can be used as a prebiotic, which in turn provides sustenance for healthy bacteria in our intestines. Healthy bacteria are required to properly digest food, absorb nutrients and equalize the immune system. It is also suggested that honey, due to its prebiotic properties, can deter problematic digestive conditions such as Celiac Disease, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and others.