9 Proven Benefits of Kosher Salt that You Should Try!

Kosher salt is a coarse-grained salt that is obtained from salt crystals. It is also known as rock salt, cooking salt, koshering, as well as salt flakes. Like its name, it is often used in the process of cooking koshering meats to remove blood from the surface. Kosher salt is much larger in size compared to other types of salt; it also has a more porous grain size than common salts. There are also some other types of salt that you can try, such as the health benefits of sea salt and the health benefits of Himalayan salt. It contains sodium chloride, but it is not normally considered iodized salt since it does not contain mineral iodine. However, it also contains a small amount of anti-caking agents, it is considered useful for rescuing sodium.

This can be said because a teaspoon of kosher salt only contains up to 1,120 milligrams of sodium, while common salts contain about 2,325 milligrams of sodium when the normal daily need for sodium is only 2,300 milligrams. Now you should be curious, what are really the health benefits of kosher salt? Let’s learn more now.

9 Benefits of Kosher Salt:

1. Rich in Essential Minerals:

The sodium and chloride contained in salt are essential for our body, especially brain function and nerve impulse conduction. Even more, salt itself is not harmful at all and does not cause heart disease, as it binds to water in our  bloodstream. It can only become a problem if consumed in excess. Keep in mind that one of the health benefits of bone marrow is also to supply minerals to your body.

2. Lower Sodium Level:

As we said before, this type of salt contains only about 1,800 milligrams of sodium, while common table salts can contain sodium up to 2,300 milligrams per teaspoon. Therefore, if you ever find yourself needing more flavor in your food, choose kosher salt instead. Read here to learn more about the benefits of sodium for health.

3. Less Processed:

It is obtained from land salt mines, so it does not go through as much process as any other common salt. Keep in mind that all types of salt are similar in chemical structure once iodine is removed from their mixture. But, kosher salt does not contain any artificial additives in the first place, which makes all other table salts flow freely.

4. Easier to Use:

It has a long crystalline structure and a thick texture, which makes it very easy to sprinkle on bright dishes. Not to mention that it is lighter in weight than other salts.

5. Deeper Taste:

 In addition, this type of salt has a deeper and fuller taste in the tongue since it is thick and full of minerals. This makes the salt able to give more flavor to your dish in less quantity than common table salts, since by virtue of it, it is less processed in nature, making the salt even healthier for your body due to the lower sodium level again. In this way, you can halve the amount of salt needed in your recipes by choosing kosher salt instead.

6. It Dissolves Better:

This type of salt dissolves better with food and we can easily adhere to it. Less time on the stove can also be healthy in some way, for example, if you are grilling meat, then you will not need more time for salt to seep into the meat. Less time to roast means less time for the meat to burn, which is bad for your health. Also, if you’re in a hurry, kosher salt would be a good option!

7. Does not Contain Additives:

Unlike other common table salts, kosher salt does not contain any additives. Some common additives found in common tablet salts include sodium iodide, sodium iodate and potassium iodide. Other sodium such as sodium ferrocyanide or sodium silicoaluminate are often added to common table salt as an anti-caking agent, while Kosher salt obtained this two sodium only occasionally, which makes it a better salt option once plus. Keep in mind that one of the health benefits of banaba leaves is also to be a good additive for weight loss.

8. Palette of Cleaner Flavors:

Since it does not contain any additives, salt has a cleaner palette of flavors than ordinary table salts. Kosher tastes softer, cleaner and lighter. This also makes the kosher taste less salty than that of common table salts.

9. Meat Healing:

It is usually an ideal option also if you are looking to cure meat, since it has a large surface. The salt can then absorb more moisture than other common table salts and the curing meat will have a longer “shelf life.”

Made of Kosher Salt:

Not only that, Kosher salt also has a lot of other unique facts, such as:

  • Because it has a crystal in the form of scales, kosher salt is easier to grab when you season your food by hand than any other common table salt.
  • It tastes better than any other common table salt.
  • It is cheaper than any other common table salt.
  • Easy to find.
  • 1 teaspoon of Morton’s salt, an infamous brand of kosher salt, is equal to ¾ teaspoon of any other common table salt.
  • Now that you’ve learned the health benefits of kosher, don’t you want to put it on your plates immediately? Here is a recipe that you can easily follow at home, with kosher salt!