25 Secret Benefits the Black Velvet Tamarind for Health!

Black velvet tamarind or Dialium Guineense Wild is also known as Nigerian velvet tamarind. It is a typical tamarind with a hard and velvety black shell, orange sticky pulp and flat circular brown seeds.

The Black Velvet Tamarind:

Compared to common tamarind, this Nigerian tamarind has a sweeter sour taste. You can consume fresh, dry, or soak in water and drink the water later. In Indonesia, it is known that all types of tamarind are used in herbal drinks or “jamu”. You can also read the benefits of tamarind juice in Jamu Juice Health Benefits. The black velvet tamarind fruit consists of pulp and seeds. An analysis was performed to determine the composition and nutritional value of the fruit.

Nutritional Value of Black Velvet Tamarind:

The Journal of Food Biochemistry published that the composition of the seed and pulp of the black velvet tamarind, respectively, is as follows:

  • Humidity 5.9 and 4.9
  • Organic materials 97.5 and 98.2
  • Dry matter 94.1 and 95.1
  • Crude protein 15.7 and 4.2
  • Crude Fat 5.4 and 2.6
  • Ash 2.5 and 1.8
  • Crude fiber 6.6 and 2.2
  • Total carbohydrates 70.6 and 86.6
  • Ascorbic acid 6.4 and 35.

25 Health Benefits of Black Velvet Tamarind:

Among the benefits of black velvet tamarind are the following:

1. Cure Malaria:

One of the health benefits of black velvet tamarind is to cure malaria. The decoction of the black velvet tamarind has the ability to inhibit the growth of plasmodium falciparum, which is the main cause of malaria. Therefore, the malaria patient will recover quickly.

2. Treat Gastric Ulcer:

The other benefit of black velvet tamarind for human health is the treatment of gastric ulcers. Black velvet tamarind increases gastric mucus secretion to care for gastric ulcer and protect the colon of the cancer cell. Of course, the intake should be in the recommended amount to serve.

3. Prevents Hypertension:

It is known that black velvet tamarind contains potassium. Potassium is able to control the heartbeat and make the heart easier to pump blood. In other words, black velvet tamarind is able to reduce the risk of hypertension.

4. Serves as an Anti-inflammatory:

It can be said that almost all types of tamarind contain vitamin C. One of the benefits if the vitamin C contained in the pulp of black velvet tamarind is to help fight microbial infection. In addition, it can also reduce the inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to bronchitis.

5. Cure Toothache:

Black velvet tamarind also helps solve oral problems such as toothache. The compounds in the black velvet tamarind are able to clean the plaque, decay and bacteria that are the main cause of toothache.

6. Relieve Menstrual Cramps:

Women commonly have menstrual cramps during their period. To relieve cramps, they usually take some pain medicine. Can you provide the natural source of pain relievers? Well, one of the health benefits is that you have a significant pain reliever to relieve pain, including pain during menstruation.

7. Treat Diabetes:

As included in Diabetes Treatments with Natural Sources and Activities, it is also beneficial to treat generative diseases, such as diabetes. It is able to reduce blood sugar level and increase insulin sensitivity.

8. Hemorrhoids Cure:

Among all the nutritional values ​​of black velvet tamarind, one of them is useful for treating hemorrhoids or the battery.

“The ethanol content is very good for the treatment of hemorrhoids”.

It will reduce inflammation and gradually reduce the abscess.

9. Increase Antioxidants:

Tamarind is much appreciated for its particular and refreshing sour taste. Like the other varieties of tamarind, Nigerian black velvet tamarind also has the sour taste. The taste comes from tartaric acid, which also acts as an antioxidant. We know that antioxidants are very beneficial to fight free radicals. It can be inferred that the antioxidant we obtain from the consumption of black velvet tamarind is able to prevent aging and protect against many diseases.

10. Stimulates the Immune System:

Antioxidant added with vitamin C is the good combination to realize the health benefit of black velvet tamarind. The combination is very useful to stimulate the immune system of our body. Therefore, long-term consumption of black velvet tamarind at the recommended intake will ensure the long-term health of fungal and microbial infection.

11. Improves Breastfeeding:

For new mothers, the amount of breast milk is very important. Sometimes they find it difficult to increase the amount of breast milk. However, the consumption of black velvet tamarind could be the solution to the problem, since the black velvet tamarind fruit pulp is able to increase milk secretion.

12. Treat Wounds:

Among all types of acids contained in black velvet tamarind, ascorbic acid is one of the beneficial acids for the human body, especially for treating wounds. This type of acid will protect the wound from bacteria, so it is able to prevent wound infection.

13. Nourishes the Skin:

In addition to treating wounds well, ascorbic acid from black velvet tamarind is also capable of stimulating the growth of healthy skin. It is also able to nourish the skin when we regularly consume the black velvet tamarind.

14. Reduce Cholesterol Level:

The other health benefit you can get when you consume black velvet tamarind is to satisfy your need for dietary fiber. The dietary fiber of the black velvet tamarind sticky pulp is very useful for reducing bad cholesterol in the blood.

15. Maintains Good Digestion:

In relation to the digestive system, the benefit of black velvet tamarind that you can take is the supply of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is able to increase volume and defecation, so we can prevent constipation. It is also able to bind toxins from digested food and protect the digestive organs.

16. Maintains a Good Metabolism:

Black velvet tamarind is rich in vitamins including thiamine, vitamin A, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and the most important is vitamin C. In addition to acting as an antioxidant to fight free radicals, these vitamins also help the function of Enzymatic metabolism of the human body.

17. Heals the Dry Eye:

According to an investigation, the compound contained in the decoction is similar to the mucin of the eye. Mucin is the good mucus for our body. This fluid is responsible for protecting and moisturizing the cornea. Therefore, its compounds are now planned to be used as one of the ingredients for eye drop as a treatment for dry eye.

18. Prevents Anemia:

The next health benefit is the iron found in it. The amount of iron is able to increase the production of red blood that is needed to prevent anemia.

19. Useful for Pregnant Women:

It is surprising that this small fruit has an anti-abortion component. Therefore, it is recommended for women with the new pregnancy, as it will strengthen the pregnancy. It also contains vitamin A that is beneficial for pregnancy, as included in Benefits of vitamin A during pregnancy.

20. Treat Bronchitis:

According to research, velvet tamarind is able to treat respiratory problems such as bronchitis. The symptoms of acute bronchitis can be read in Symptoms of bronchitis. The patient with bronchitis can treat the disease with black velvet tamarind.

21. Keeps the Kidney Healthy:

Also a good diuretic. It is able to retain the toxin and optimize the excretion of urine in the kidney. Prevents kidney stone disease. To be aware of the symptoms of kidney stones, you can read aSymptoms of Kidney Stones from Small.

22. Reduce Body Temperature:

One of the health benefits is that it has been used as a traditional aid is the reduction in body temperature. Long-time people soaked black velvet tamarind in water, and drank the water to reduce fever.

23. Relieves Diarrhea:

A study on black tamarind reveals that the fruit has an astringent action of which it is able to control the excessive secretion of body fluids such as diarrhea.

24. Fight Against Harmful Microorganisms:

Because it has pulp and seeds, each part has its own health benefits. For example, the pulp, which has strong antimicrobials to fight against many harmful microorganisms.

25. Reduce Micronutrient Deficiency:

The unhealthy lifestyle makes people unaware of the need for nutritious foods. Some people prefer something instant that can quickly meet their need for food regardless of the nutrition it contains. This type of habits leads to micronutrient deficiency. As we know, we need those micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Our daily meal does not always contain the necessary amount of nutrients. On the other hand, black velvet tamarind can be used as an option to meet the need for micronutrients as the nutritional values ​​contained in it.

Precautions When Consuming Black Velvet Tamarind:

Reduce blood sugar level. Therefore, for people with diabetes, it is suggested that you monitor your intake of black velvet tamarind, as it may interfere with your effort to regulate your blood sugar level. In addition, for those who plan to undergo surgery, it is better to discontinue consumption two weeks before surgery, as it could also interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Consumption should also be closely monitored for those with gastric ulcers. Too much acid will add pain to your ulcer.

Recommended Intake of Black Velvet Tamarind:

The adequate intake of tamarind may vary according to age, health and other conditions. The correct amount of 1 to 2 tablespoons of black velvet tamarind pulp for each serving is sufficient to meet the necessary dietary fiber. Remember, too much dietary fiber may not be good for your digestive system, as it will create a laxative system.