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15 Miraculous Benefits of Jowar (Sorghum) to Avoid Diabetes!

Grain is one of the most valuable types of food for many people. Therefore, it is not surprising that bread becomes the most favorite food in the world and acceptable to several people in the world as well. One of these grains is jowar, because, for centuries, the benefits of jowar have been used. Apparently, for thousands of years, this grain knows how to provide many health benefits. Especially for the people of India who know him. Although in other Asian countries the grain can rarely consume, but still, it is widely available. In case you are curious about this grain, below you will find several general descriptions about the history, nutrient content, how to prepare and the benefits of jowar for health and the possible side effects of consuming too much jowar. Let’s take a closer look.

History of the Jowar (sorghum):

When we look at the story of jowar, it is actually quite simple. Jowar, is a common food that is consumed in the region of India. This ingredient is also common to those called sorghum. While sorghum itself has varied species. Therefore, it is one of the grains that come from the flowering plans that live in Africa and Asia. For a thousand years, people living in those countries produce various types of jowar food. Therefore, it is not surprising that jowar is famous as a breakfast meal in those countries. Since there are many visitors who come to the area, the popularity of jowar is spreading and is quite famous until today in many other countries. Including among western people who are curious about its taste.

Nutrient Content of Jowar:

Jowar is rich in many types of nutrients. Usually in 200gr of jowar will consist of the following lists of nutrients.

  • 342 calories
  • 19 grams of protein
  • 1 gram of carbohydrates
  • 86 grams of fat
  • 5 mg of magnesium
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • 217 mg of phosphorus
  • 36 mg of vitamin B1
  • 03 mg of vitamin B3
  • 01 mg of iron
  • 6 mcg of vitamin B9
  • 19 g protein
  • 56 mg zinc
  • 12 mg of vitamin B2
  • 3 mg of potassium
  • 5 mg calcium
  • 06 mcg of vitamin A

Recipes with Jowar:

  • There are numerous ways to consume jowar. But the famous way in India is to make it as bread for a daily meal. Therefore, consuming jowar every day is quite common there. To learn more ways to consume this grain, below you will find several of Jowar’s best recipes:
  • Traditional Jowar roti which is a common food in India. Mix the flour with boiling water and let it cool several times. Then roll the dough into several slices and bake.
  • Make a Jowar multigrain bread by mixing the flour with a small amount of salt.
  • Create a jowar garlic bread by adding a little garlic in the flour.

Benefits of Jowar (sorghum) for Health:

As we mentioned earlier, this grain has many benefits. In addition, the benefit has existed for a thousand years. If you are still unsure of this, check below the most common health benefits of jowar, especially for people with a certain medical condition.

1. High in Fiber:

In the same way as other grains, jowar also contains a high fiber. Therefore, it is one of the important contents that generally works to help the digestive system within the body. In addition, fiber also helps provide fullness for longer. That is why this type of food is suitable for the daily diet for those who need to reduce weight.

2. Low in Gluten:

An amazing fact about this ingredient is that Jowar is very low in gluten and can even say that it does not contain gluten. Therefore, it can benefit people who are gluten intolerant and help optimize by avoiding any possible inflammation. Also, it is good to try to avoid joint pain as well.

3. Reduce Blood Sugar Level:

Other benefits of jowar for health include helping to reduce the level of blood sugar. Therefore, it can help the body’s system program, such as the kidney, to work effectively to treat various symptoms, such as toxicity and blood sugar content.

4. Avoid Diabetes:

Since the grain does not contain gluten, it is also good for those who wish to avoid the possibility of diabetes. It will work to administer a stable level of blood sugar and control the production of insulin within the body.

“Therefore, by consuming the benefits of jowar as a replacement for other foods high in gluten, you will manage a healthy body that is free of the risks of diabetes”.

In addition, it is also good for the diabetic patient in controlling their blood sugar level.

5. Rich in Nutrients:

The Jowar knows that it has several nutrients as mentioned above. Therefore, it is one of the healthy foods that can supply the vitamins and minerals necessary to execute the entire body system. This can lead to a body of well-being that stays healthy and supports several bodily functions as well. When the whole body works well, it will help the body avoid various diseases and feelings of discomfort.

6. Better Metabolism:

Another health benefit of jowar is to improve the body’s metabolic system to change the calories or carbohydrates available in the energy needed for bodily activities. When the metabolism is improved, the body will carry a faster metabolic rate and will work to function each system at adjustment time as well. That is why jowar is good for improving managing a good

7. Add More Energy:

By being able to improve the body’s metabolic rate, it means that the body will work harder to produce other power and energy. Therefore, the benefits of jowar is one of the best meals to produce energy to maintain daily activities. In addition, it can maintain body strength and avoid weakness. Through better energy and power, the body’s system can also be optimized and the oxygen supply will also improve.

8. Improve the Digestive System:

Jowar is a good way to improve the digestive system due to the high fiber content inside. The fiber will optimize the work of intestinal evacuation by digesting the food and will process the absorption of nutrients better. This will lead the body to avoid more digestive problems and stimulate the intestine so that it also performs rapid digestion. Therefore, it will bring more nutrient absorption to support the development and relief of the body.

9. Avoid Fat:

When the body gets a better metabolism and a better digestive system, it will automatically lead to better nutrient absorption. Therefore, the body will only absorb important vitamins and minerals that will prevent the absorption of more fat. Therefore, this mechanism is one of the good ways to eliminate fat and convert fat into energy.

10. Reduce the Weight:

Once the fat is removed from the body, it will administer the body to reduce weight faster and replace it with a better lean muscle. That is why the jowar also works for those who plan a diet. Mainly because jowar has little gluten, that means less gluten to absorb or transform into fat. When the body does not have enough fat from the food, it will manage to take the fat inside the body and process it with a little energy. Therefore, body fat will be reduced and muscle mass will be added through better protein absorption.

11. Administer Cholesterol:

Other capabilities of the benefits of jowar include a famous meal to control a better cholesterol level. It is able to balance the level of HDL and LDL inside the blood arteries and avoid any chance of getting some blood spleens. In addition, this will make the cardiovascular system work well and also prevent more cardiovascular diseases. That is why the jowar will achieve better blood circulation.

12. Avoid Heart Attack:

Once the cholesterol level is balanced and the cardiovascular works well, it can help optimize the blood vessel throughout the body. Including it will optimize the heart vessel so that it works optimally and prevents serious heart disease. This will work effectively to avoid a sudden heart attack as well.

13. Bone Strength:

The calcium content inside the jowar is a good mineral to support with a strong bone. It will lead to adding more mass to the bone and will increase bone strength by accepting more weight. In addition, it will work to avoid any possibility of bone fracture and lead to a healthy bone condition. This also benefits older people to avoid osteoporosis and manage a healthy bone in old age.

14. Reduce Cancer Risks:

Some research believes that the benefits of jowar and its nutrient can work effectively to reduce cancer. The antioxidant within this ingredient will help avoid the effects of free radicals from the environment, which is usually the biggest contributor to cancer disease. However, there is no specific evidence to mention this benefit. Therefore, it is one of the benefits that needs more research and proven.

15. Avoid Anemia:

Jowar also contains iron, which will be good to support the regeneration of red blood cells. With this ability, the body will administer enough red blood cells and avoid the possibility of experiencing anemia. When the blood cell works it optimizes, it will also help better blood circulation and bring enough oxygen to the brain and also improve thinking. That is why avoiding anemia will also increase brain capacity.

Jowar Side Effects:

Even most people know that jowar brings more benefits, however, it has some side effects. Therefore, you always realize the possibility of effect when you consume too much. For more details on this issue, see the following lists of disadvantages:

  1. Several people may experience allergic symptoms such as itching, redness of the skin or swollen body parts. Therefore, when this symptom is happening, stop eating this meal quickly and replace it with other tolerant foods.
  2. A diabetic patient should control the portion of this meal since excessive consumption will affect the level of blood sugar and can cause the body to fall. Therefore, it is better to have jowar for a diet with acceptable portions according to the daily calorie needs.
  3. Be sure to moderate consumption, since the food is also rich in fiber. Therefore, excessive consumption can cause a stomach ache that includes diarrhea or more unwanted digestive problems.

Those are all the health benefits of jowar that are quite interesting and worth trying. Therefore, if you have difficulties with one of the above symptoms, try to consume this meal daily. But remember to pay attention to its possible side effects. Therefore, it will bring optimal benefits but will also work with fewer risks.



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