15 Benefits of Holy Basil for Any Respiratory Problem!

Holy basil is native to the Indian continent and currently grows well in many countries in South Asia. Not only is it a good ingredient that provides some flavor in food, apparently there are also some health benefits of holy basil for various symptoms. Therefore, use if this ingredient is not only limited to food, but also to herbal medication. This makes the health benefits of holy basil quite famous. Holy basil also contains several nutrients that are good for breathing. Most of the content is potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron, sodium, zinc, vitamin B and vitamin K. This will make basil useful for treating many health problems and lead to a faster cure as well.

Uses of Holy Basil:

For a long time, people have used this ingredient to flavor foods. In addition, it is also used for various purposes. Below are several common uses of holy basil that are mostly preferred by many people until today:

  • Some people use it as simple as chewing leaf directly to help with breathing or mouth problems.
  • Another way to use holy basil is to extract the leaves in a tea or essential oil.
  • Holy basil can also be added in some dishes to give it a stronger flavor.
  • Some herbal companies extract basil and make it in the form of capsules to consume.
  • Another way to consume it can be to make an infused drink and consume early in the morning.

Health Benefits of Holy Basil:

As mentioned earlier, there are several health benefits of holy basil. Therefore, if you are curious about the benefits, you will find several lists below.

1. Treat Respiratory Syndrome:

The health benefits of holy basil are famous mainly for being treated with a respiratory syndrome. It has been known since ancient times that this herbal medicine will work effectively to maintain the respiratory system and avoid any respiratory problems. That is why until today basil is also used to infuse water to maintain a healthy respiratory system.

2. Prevent Asthma Attack:

Since basil is good for the respiratory system, you will get clear breathing. That is why it is also suitable to prevent an asthma attack. Normally, people with asthma syndrome are a fusion between allergy, stress and respiratory difficulties. Therefore, through phytonutrients and the essential oil within this ingredient, you can help prevent asthma syndrome and help relieve symptoms.

3. Avoid Congestion:

The way holy basil will clean the airways, in the same way will help prevent congestion. Basil content will lead to clear the respiratory system of any virus, bacteria and possible infections. It will help eliminate phlegm that exists primarily during any congestion. Therefore, it will help relieve congestion and help people breathe better.

4. Help to Control the Disorder of the Lungs:

Other health benefits of holy basil in the respiratory system include helping to maintain a healthy lung. It will act to help any lung disorder by maintaining proper functioning of the lung by absorbing oxygen. It will prevent any infection of bacteria or viruses inside the lung and avoid any possibility of experiencing bronchitis.

“In addition, it can help eliminate any toxins that enter the pulmonary system, such as smoke, pollution and so on”.

Therefore, basil can help optimize the lungs and prevent lung inflammation.

5. Relieve the Fever:

The vitamin C content within basil will act as an antibacterial and virus. This i why consuming basil will help drive a faster fever relief. Not only is it good for treating the respiratory system, it also manages a cure for diseases. This collaboration is a good combination to avoid fever and bring a better healing property. Therefore, it is not only good for fever, it is also good for avoiding typical diseases such as the flu, typhoid fever or sore throat.

6. Anti-Allergy:

Holy basil is also a good agent that works as an antiallergic. Most allergic symptoms are also related to nausea and mild fever. Asthma and lung problems may also be due to allergies. Through clear congestion, you can help control allergy symptoms and even prevent allergy from occurring.

7. Reduce Stress:

Another health benefit of holy basil is to work by reducing stress. Basil essential oil will work to bring a calm and peaceful mind. This is how basil can lead to positive thinking and avoid anxiety.

8. Relief Headache:

Eating basil will help relieve tension. Therefore, it can help avoid a headache mainly due to a migraine or breast. Most sinus symptoms will be related to respiratory problems. Through the benefit of relieving breathing and optimizing lung function, you can help avoid breasts and minimize impact, including a headache.

9. Improves Sleep:

When the mind improves and does not experience a headache, the body will lead to better well-being. This mechanism can help improve sleep and well-being to avoid any sleep disorder. By the time the mind relaxes more, and then the body will feel freer and help achieve a good quality of sleep.

10. Boost the Immune System:

The vitamin C content within the basil license can act as a good agent to administer and increase immunity. Therefore, it is good to avoid any bacterial or viral infection. In addition, it can help to quickly relieve any disease. Through a good immune system, it can lead to better health.

11. Maintain Hormonal Balance:

Holy basil is also another way of maintaining a good hormonal system that achieves better hormonal circulation. This is also an important part of avoiding stressful feelings and helping to manage a better body system. Such as metabolism, digestion and premenstrual syndrome too.

12. Prevent Heart Disease:

The other benefit of basil includes preventing heart disease by avoiding blood cod and administering better circulation of the vessels of the heart. It will help maintain a better cholesterol level and avoid heart attack symptoms.

13. Treat Skin Diseases:

It is also good that holy basil is able to treat skin diseases as well. Therefore, it is good to avoid any inflammation of the skin such as acne or eczema. It will lead to a silky smooth skin and will achieve a good and healthy skin surface. This can also lead to a younger appearance too.

14. Oral Air Freshener:

It is also an interesting fact that the health benefits of holy basil include working as an oral air freshener. Since it has effects such as the effects of mint leaves, where it will help breathing become a relief and feel fresh. It is also a good oral disinfectant that destroys most of the germs in the mouth. Therefore, you can maintain a healthy mouth that leads to a fresh sensation.

15. Insect Repellent:

Another surprising benefit is that holy basil also works as an insect repellent. The smell will work to avoid topical insect bites. Therefore, it can be a natural way to protect the skin from any mosquito or other insect.

Holy Basil Side Effects:

There can be numerous health benefits of holy basil. However, even so, there are several side effects that can happen. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the following lists of recommendations before using basil.

  1. Basil may not be suitable for a pregnant woman and may cause a miscarriage. Therefore, it is better to avoid using the sheets or asking the caregiver before planning their use.
  2. Stop consuming the leaves if you experience sudden nausea or dizziness. It could be a sign that the body cannot accept the effect. Therefore, always prove first that this is your first time to consume basil.
  3. People who in the middle of any medication should avoid using this herbal medication to avoid any interference with the medical prescription.

Those are all the health benefits of holy basil that work primarily better to treat various respiratory problems. Therefore, it is not surprising if this ingredient has been believed for thousands of years as one of the best herbal treatments. In addition, it will add some fresh flavor to food or drinks. Not only does it have a fresh taste, but it also provides better well-being.


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